Yoga Private Lessons


I am available to teach private Yoga lessons in the SF Bay Area. There are many reasons why private lessons are very beneficial. Are you new to Yoga? Some new students may feel overwhelmed in class settings, especially in the beginning of the Yoga journey, you want to learn the foundations of yoga before entering a class, after about 3 private lessons you can walk into Yoga class feeling more confident and ready to experience a group practice.

There are many other reasons for private lessons, to address specific goals for the mind, body or soul, to learn a Yoga sequence that is custom made for you and your home practice, the list goes on. First we will assess your goals and then build a custom designed practice just for you!


Group Yoga and Meditation

private Group/Corporate Yoga 

If you are interested in Yoga and meditation for corporate events, small parties, special events, wellness fairs, or to enhance wellness in your community by making Yoga a benefit, please email me @


Yoga Photography

I also offer Yoga photography sessions. This is a time I reserve for my clients to step into who they are, choose to love themselves fully by capturing it all with tasteful Yoga and Meditation Photography. Many clients use these for Websites, Blogs, Social Media, to celebrate themselves and for their own personal use. Please inquire about these packages: 707.771.0996