Who I am


My name is...

April Bautista. Welcome to my Website! I am a 200HR Certified Yoga Guide and Natural Light Photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Yoga has been such a wonderful practice in this journey for me and you can learn more about that journey on my Yoga page on this site. 




I am also obsessed with all things wellness and health related, I love to play in the kitchen and create new healthy meals for my family, and food styling and food photography are hobbies of mine (check out some of my food photography in my photography gallery). I also enjoy writing.

For me, Life is about wholeness and wellness. I love using as many natural products as possible in my home on my body, I make my own hair products, body creams, cleaning products and the list goes on. I am completely obsessed with essential oils (anything that comes 100% from plants is ok with me). I also love making plant-based meals. I am a mother, wife, Technical Recruiter and professional resumer writer. Feel free to look around my website and learn more about my work - which is my passion.

To book services or ask questions please email me: aprilfloryoga@gmail.com OR aprilfloraphotography@gmail.com