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When love is in the air

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Last weekend I was blessed to shoot the engagement memories for a friend. Their love story is not much unlike other love stories. But, because I am familiar with their love story, it was an exceptionally special task. I wanted it to be perfect (which explain every photoshoot I have the gift of doing), but, for them because their love for each other is important for me, its personal. Watching them embrace each other and express joy and celebration for their union is something I have long awaited. 


You know those TV shows that we watch, we get so encapsulated by them. We watch them for seasons and seasons hoping that two of the main characters in the TV show finally get to be together, only to be disappointed and strung along for another season. For example, Niles Crane and Daphne Moon from Frasier, Olivia Pope and Fitzgerald Grant from Scandal, and Rachel and Ross from Friends (we all watch and wait). And, regardless of our frustration with the current circumstances of the relationship for said couple, we hold on and keep hope, because we know in the end, it HAS to happen. That is the climax! And that is what this is.

This is what i was blessed to witness in real life. These two coming together. What a wonderful moment it is going to be to watch these two walk down the aisle, smiling ear to ear. Having that said, There are a million reasons to celebrate love, and capturing memories like these are something that can only happen once. 


A photo captures a moment to be shared for many generations. Through a photograph captured, we can create a memory, we can teach unity, marriage, trust and belongingness, love...  We can capture truth and authenticity.